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About Us

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Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole is the story of a team of people who have worked to build a three story, 13,500 sq. ft. hydroponic greenhouse in the heart of the Town of Jackson. This flagship vertical greenhouse utilizes 1/10 of an acre infill lot to grow an annual amount of produce equivalent to 5 acres of traditional agriculture.

Vertical Harvest grows and sells vegetables year-round to the Jackson area via restaurants, grocery stores and directly to the public via MARKET, our on site store. Vertical Harvest utilizes its unique structure to grow 100,000 lbs of produce a year that will be delivered within a week of harvesting. Not only does Vertical Harvest sell food at the height of its nutritional value, it extends Jackson’s growing season from 4 months to year-round.

In addition to fresh lettuce and tomatoes, Vertical Harvest provides employment. Vertical Harvest has developed an innovative model to employ an under-served Wyoming population: adults with intellectual disabilities. Current statewide statistics show an unemployment rate of 78% among Wyoming’s employable developmentally disabled residents. Vertical Harvest’s team includes 20 valley residents with intellectual disabilities.

This is the story of a local project that has global implications.


Vertical Harvest is pioneering a new type of urban farming, harnessing hydroponic and greenhouse technologies to create a year-round source of locally grown produce that is able to have multiple beneficial impacts on a community. We are the farms of tomorrow. We use small spaces to produce a large amount of food. We are committed to the highest standards in food production.